3-drum slot machines

The first slots emerged in full gold fever were 3-roller machines. Those ingenious gadgets of the Victorian era combined many of the characteristics of what, we still know as classical slot. Even its mechanism and characteristic spinning and pause sounds continue to reproduce themselves in the video slots Current

How do 3-reel slots work?

During the twentieth century the world of random machines has grown and evolved by leaps and bounds, but the number of rollers remains the main way to classify them. We call rollers or reels (in English "reels") to the vertical lines that rotate each time you click spin.

Its name derives from the roller-shaped piece that had 19th century machines: 3 or more thick reels drilled to the center and inserted on the same axis attached to a lever, in which the boxes were drawn with the symbols of the game. The axis was unlocked with a mechanism launched when introducing a coin, making them paralyte randomly, to give a combination with each lever roll.

The success of these first machines was not so much in its prizes and in the excitement of trying luck. When they were prohibited in certain jurisdictions, they went on to deliver prizes such as candies, gum or cigarettes, always maintaining their popularity and developing new designs.

More success and more rollers

To the first 3-reel slots were followed by 5 and 7 models: these three types are considered classics (although today when we think of classical slots we refer rather to vintage aesthetic). The 5 roll slots They are still the most abundant, but you can also find you with 4 or 6 reel games, and even alternative formats that leave the symbols float freely, such as Bubble Craze of IGT.

How to play in 3 roller slots

Choose a slot that reproduces the Classic machines Of the first casinos it can result from the most comforting, if you know what antenerte. The three keys for the slot players with 3 reels are summarized at the following points:

  1. Clean game: it is not about fulfilling the rules, but to make turn after turning without interruptions. Forget about complex animation effects, characters that speak or even recharged graphics that can be distracted or visually tired. Even the music and the background sounds are clean.
  2. Fast rhythm: Surely if you have experience playing, you know what we are talking about. The slots we refer to go directly to the grain: they rotate, mark the prize and profits go directly to your balance without entertaining in celebrations that can break the rhythm of the session.
  3. Taste because of the classic: If something characterizes these slots is they are very well balanced. Here the important thing is to play. The machine will not try to tell you a story or recreate the scene of a crime track on track, as it happens in CSI slot. The gambling interface with 3 rollers usually has a retro inspiration that includes symbols of the lifelong: fruit, bells, bar, diamonds ...

Advantages of the slot to the old woman

Although it is true that more reels, the greater number of possible combinations and therefore higher rewards figures, not everyone prefers machines with multiple rollers. Many players seek to relax while playing and opted for basic and visually simpler machines: That is why the 3-roller slots have maintained their audience over time.

If you are one of those who happen to be complicated with functions, adjacent rollers and complex effects that require a higher level of concentration, traditional slots may be what you are looking for. With them the game experience is simplified and you spend a good time without the session requires you to stay attentive to every detail. Slots with additional games They can be a blessing, but you have to know how to choose the moment to have fun with them and get the most out of them.

What do you give up with the 3-reel slots?

The RTP of the 3-roller machines does not differ in general lines of those designed with more rollers or that include complex extras. What happens is that by limiting the number of rollers, the frequency of rewards changes and you may need to lengthen the session to get the same results as in designs with more rollers. It will not be a time problem, because if something characterizes the 3-reel games it is its speed.

If we talk about benefits, there are really many who think that when the game is easier, it will best. Playing with only 3 rollers does not imply giving uping options, because all Slots are based on the same RNGS technology (random combinations generator).

For many players the saying "less is more" is applied directly to this type of basic slot. Do not be misinterpreted: they are games with well-chosen, symbols and colors and soundtracks that accompany perfectly the rhythm of the game. They are very well made, they are fun and do not demand that you have experience playing.

In fact, many consider online slots to play with 3 rollers are the fifth essence of the slots. After all, they contain the original nature of the game and take changing and adapting to be better and better for more than a century. In a few words: they are perfectly basic.

So if you are one of those who seek amazing effects and extra unpredictable games that surprise you at each step, they are definitely not for you. On the other hand, if you are used to the 5-reel slots, you may be monotonous because the bet options are limited and the rhythm and the amounts of the profits are usually different.

The 3-reel machines are perfect for you when ...

  1. You are new in the Slots world: they will clearly show you the point of which the rest of the most complex games depart.
  2. You have a budget under: Discards functions that may reach you upload the betting fee per run.
  3. You like to obtain larger prizes even if they are less frequent than, for example, in designs with 5 rollers.
  4. You play looking fun without complications and you like to see how new credits add directly to your balance. The most complex they have are the rounds of simple bonus (with which to earn extra money quickly) and a Progressive Jackpot or fixed.