Slot review

RTP 96%
volatility Media

Electric Wilds

The Slots Electric Wilds was one of the first creations of the Northern Lights developer, linked to YGGDrasil. It has a peculiar 3 × 3 design that tributes three in Raya, with a total of 5 pay lines. That its apparent simplicity does not deceive you: your payments can be really electrifying.

A high-voltage slot

In total there are 9 payment symbols to form combination from 3 equal over one of the 5 pay lines. This also includes the wildcard, which with the robot's face is the one who pays the most. You can accept from 10 cents to € 500, for a maximum potential of up to € 2,500,000.

The rest of the symbols are divided between electric coils and energy capsules with the main figures of the deck (A, K, Q and J). The pay lines are limited to the three possible horizontal and the two diagonals. Full roller combinations are not accounted for (vertical).

Special functions

After each roll, a random discharge can occur, which is called "electrical overprint". This effect illuminates the matrix of the game of 3 on stripe in one or more of its parts. For each illuminated line it is possible that one of the award-winning symbols becomes a wild card. In addition, the prizes produce respines in the function giving rise to more options of winning lines at 3 × 3.

Best of Electric Wilds

When you get to place 9 on-screen equal symbols, the machine rewards you with a repetition bonus in which you are allowed to try to multiply X4 the amount got started. The game consists of 5 conductive tubes: 4 are fine and 1 is damaged. You have to press on the "START" button and see how the electric charge is moved by as many healthy tubes as possible. The game ends when the current goes to the broken tube.

This electricity slot is perfect for lovers of unusual games, which use original prize formats and systems. It allows betting from 10 cents up to a maximum of up to 500e, which makes it indicated for all types of player. Your prize limited to € 2,500,000 and 96% RTP will do the rest when deciding to try your luck.

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