Slot review

RTP 96.05%
volatility Media

Trail Blazer

The Trail Blazer slot is one of Northern Lights' popular games. It moves you to a world of costumes with capital letters, in the most ostentatious and unmarried sense. It is played in a traditional 5 × 3 of 10 lines, which during free spins become 20. You can bet from 10 cents up to € 20 per run. With an RTP 96.05% and maximum prize of up to 57,000 times your bet, your lucky wheel, free spins, sticky respiors and wildcards are like to give it a chance, even if you spend a bit of a pipe (it's a joke).

Follow the 8-tiled walk

In front of the rollers you can see a path with something similar to a zebra step. It has 8 different boxes in which numbers and functions appear: in total 6 mini bonus and 2 bonus games with free spins. Each roll during the base game, you will see that one of the tiles of the trail lights up. In the fourth (Boost) you will find 6 mini bonus games, one of which will start randomly:

  1. 5 equal - Rollers make a respiking and place a combination of 5 equal
  2. Respin - with guaranteed prize
  3. Wildcards - Several wildcards will appear that replace the roller symbols
  4. Boost - More Caminito numbers light up
  5. Bonus Chance +1 - Add 1 to Bonus counter
  6. Bonus Chance Active - Rollers make a repay with all Bonus symbols Accumulate in the counter, increasing the possibilities of starting a round of free spins

Where the wind takes us ...

At the beginning of each roll a slight breeze can Azor the rollers, replacing the symbols by new ones. Those who form combination will remain on the rollers, and the rest will be flying until there are no more symbols to block. The machine pays the total of the function.

In addition, after each roller turn, you will see that a number between 1 and the number may appear on the rollers. These numbers are added to advance through the bottom of the lower part, which has a total of 8 positions.

Giros Free Trail Blazer

When you get to get to the box 8 of the Camino, you activate a round of free spins. Another option to activate the free trailer blazer spins is to remove 3 bonus symbols into the odd rollers (1-3-5). When activating the game bonus you will see the luck wheel appear, which will decide if it gives you

  1. Free Tour Rim of the Fire: You play a round of 8 free spins not reactivable with 20 lines, with extra flaming wildcards.
  2. Free spins scorching hot: You also play a round of free spins not reactivable with 20 lines, but in this case the machine chooses 3 random symbols for the bonus that basically depends on time: if clouds go wrong, and if the thing is wrong, The bonus continues to leave a few multipliers, who never come wrong.
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